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Brother printers are very good as per their working efficiency, speed, and quality printing. But even the best one breaks down after sometime. Same goes, with Brother Printer. There is a time come when every Brother Printer user needs a Brother Printer Troubleshooting Guide.

The most common issues Brother Printer user faces are – problem in printing, printer not printing, or paper jamming issues, etc. Here, Brother Printer Troubleshooting Guide will help you in solving these issues – When Brother Printing is not printing any documents.

The reason behind such issues can be many such as - Lack of ink or paper jamming issues, missing or outdated drivers, faulty drivers are some of the common reasons.

Other reasons, is maybe you have misconfigured Windows whether its 10, 8, or 7. So, without wasting time let’s learn about it. Check the Brother Printer paper tray. Filled it till it’s full. Make sure to check that not even a single bit of paper is stuck or jammed inside the Brother printer. Now, you have to check the levels of ink or cartridges. You have to fill them up if they are empty.

If you are still unable to trouble shoot your Brother Printer, you can get the help of Brother Printer Troubleshooting Guide.

Brother Printer Troubleshooting Guide – Brother Printer won't print –

Sometimes, Brother Printer won’t take the printing commands from the computer. Users who use Windows 10 and MAC usually the ones who face this issue the most. But Brother Printer Troubleshooting Guide will help you fixing the issue when your Brother printer won’t print. You can fix this issue simply by cancelling all the printing jobs aligned up in the print queue.

Follow the steps as per the Brother Printer Troubleshooting Guide:

  • First you have to go to the Devices and Printers tab from the control panel.
  • Now, search for the name of your printer and give it a right-click.
  • Click on see what’s printing from the list of options.
  • Now, click on the Printer menu followed by clicking on open as administrator.
  • You have to open the printer’s menu again and click on cancel all documents.
  • Click on yes button, when the dialog box appears for the confirmation.

To see whether the issue has been resolved or not, you must try to print a document. If your prints the document correctly then the issue has been resolved.

Brother Printer Troubleshooting Guide – Brother Printer not printing anything

To eradicate this issue, Brother Printer Trouble Shooting Guide has given a step by step guidance to follow. Here are the steps. Check the connections between your printer and computer such as – check for loose wires, cables not plugged in properly, etc. Also, make sure that the network cables are connected with each other properly. Now, you have to try to restart your computer and as well as your printer. Once you turn off the printer, make sure you unplug all the connected cords and then you have to plug them in. When you plugged in all the cables you can check by printing the document.

How to resolve Brother wireless printer not printing issue?

Brother Printer Troubleshooting Guide is providing you step by step rules to eradicate this error. The main reason behind this error maybe connected with VPN and IP address when they get some changes. In such situations you should try to reconnect the printer with your network.

Follow the below – written steps:

  • Click on the wireless icon and touch the setup icon from your control panel.
  • Now, click on the option restore network defaults.
  • Click yes when the confirmation window displays on the screen.
  • When the default settings restored, you have to click on the back arrow.
  • Hit the wireless settings followed by wireless setup wizard.
  • When your printer searches complete you have to click on the name of your wireless network.
  • The blue indicator light will start glowing, once the print completes searching for your network.

If the same issue persists you can use the brother’s printer support help.

You can contact Brother Printer Support by dialing +1(877) 579-1988 this Toll Free Number.

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