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How to Connect Brother Printer To Laptop

As you all know, Brother Printer are the best and top-rated printers in the whole industry. And, are extensively used across the world both in commercial world and for personal uses. The main reason is that they are highly durable, amazing printing quality, latest technology and much more. And, anyone can easily access the computer through both wireless and wired technology. But only few of them know how to connect a Brother printer to Laptop with Wi-Fi.

And even if you are one of them, there is nothing to worry about because in this article we will help you learn ways to connect your Brother Printer to laptop.


Also, no need to panic because setting up Brother Printer with your laptop is a very simple process. What we want to say is, printer uses a wireless connection and your laptop will only require an invisible bridge to receive and complete the commands. For printing jobs to be done your printer will use a secure network which will be approved by your printer’s administrator. Making a connection with your printer and laptop is just a matter of few minutes. Also, it is a onetime thing, once setup it will always be present until you change the password or security settings in case.

Further, it depends on you to connect your Brother Printer with Windows or whether to laptop, computer or tablets, etc. But out of all laptop is a more convenient way to print documents because it is small in size, portable, easy to carry and due to many other reasons.

Moving forward let’s check the compatibility and requirements of the laptop.

Laptop Compatibility and Requirements

As you know – A wireless connection is only possible if your computer has a wireless card. And the printer model must be one set up for wireless communication. Though all the new laptop models are wireless, thus, external card is not required. However, old models may need external wireless card.

All the Brother Printer models are well-equipped with latest technology and work efficiently with wireless transmissions as well. So, once a network connection is established your printer will work with full functionality. After the connection is established you can pair any approved device and complete your printing tasks. Thus, connecting a laptop is good for home use and is also good to work over a larger network in an office.

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Setup for Brother Printer

Make sure that while setting up the connection your printer and the laptop must be connected to the same wireless network. The next step is that you have to separately connect your printer and the laptop to the wireless network so as to bring them online. On the other hand, it is also possible that your printer gets connect through the internet while the laptop remains offline. But make sure they are on the same network.


The next step is once both the devices are online you have to download the right printer driver on your laptop. This is an important step because without the installation of printer driver your network connection won’t start working. All the Brother Printer comes with card to install the network or comes with a key code and by using it you can download the printer driver form the official website of the Brother printer. Now, follow the instructions and install the right printer driver for your printer.

Once the driver is installed on your laptop you will notice that a set of prompts is present on your laptop’s display screen. You have to follow it for the setup process. You have to follow all the prompts to name your network and locate the printer using SSID code. These prompts appearing on your screen will show the printer and you will select the device and click on the next to continue to the next step of the setup process. Once your printer is recognized your laptop will connect to the network and will be efficiently communicating with the printer.

By following all the above steps you can simply connect your Brother Printer to the computer in multiple ways.

But, in case you still face the issue on how to connect brother printer to laptop wireless or how to connect brother printer to laptop for scanning purposes then you can contact the Brother printer support.

You can contact Brother Printer Support by dialing +1 602-734-5421 this Toll Free Number.

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