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How to Connect Brother Printer to Mac?

Brother Company laid their first stone over 100 of years ago. But they came into printer industry from the year 1962. And, after their hard work they have positioned themselves between the top-notches company in the world. With the advancement in the technology they made themselves exceptional and everyone’s favorite.

And with most technology printing has become the easiest way to decrease the writing paperwork, running to different offices for scanning, printing images with high quality and more.

In fact, you can connect your phone for giving command to your printer to print. And the most popular brand which easily works with Brother Printer is MAC.

There are various methods to connect your Brother Printer to MAC. But here we will only go with two of the easiest methods.

First method is to connect your MAC and printer using USB cable. And, the second method is to connect your Brother Printer control panel and then add the printer by moving to the system references just the way your printer likes it.

But there are some steps you need to take care of.

Make sure you have your SSID and security password of your network.

  • Go to the display menu or the printer control panel and check out the option, settings, or menu button.
  • Now, press the settings button and go to the network settings.
  • You have to select the wireless network.
  • Finally, your printer will recognize all the available wireless networks and the list which will appear in front of you.
  • You have to choose your wireless network and then you have to enter the password.
  • The next step is to select ok in order to connect to the Brother wireless printer to MAC.
  • After performing the above step your Brother Printer is connected to MAC and now you need to move forward to the steps for finally setting up the printer.
  • And, in case, your Brother Printer does not have the control panels or buttons to navigate you then you can connect your printer using a USB cable.

Process to Connect Brother with Mac

  • The very first step is to install and download the Brother Printer driver on your MAC computer system. You can easily download the drivers by visiting the official website of Brother Printer.
  • And, when you installed the driver you have to simultaneously click the installation file of the driver and control.
  • Once you open the file if any security warning message or confirmation message opens up then click on yes to confirm.
  • You have to use USB wire cable for a temporary basis to install the printer.
  • MAC is connected to the USB & you will see it while doing wireless settings.
  • You have to confirm the network name & security password.
  • Select the next.
  • Take a USB wire & connect it to the computer system and to the other end of the printer device.
  • You have to select your name and enter the password from the list of wireless networks.
  • Once you are connected with your wireless network you have to disconnect the USB wire from your computer system.
  • Now, select the machine from the list.
  • After following all the steps the driver will get installed by the Wizard and the printer will be added to your MAC computer.

    It is a process to connect the Brother wireless printer to MAC. Now, try to print the documents you wanted to print.

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Your Machine Name

  • You have to go to the menu of Apple and click on the system preferences.
  • You have to select the printer and scanner option from the select and scan and print and fax.
  • Process-to-Connect-Brother-with-Mac
  • It’s time for you to look at the list of the printers displaying on the very left side. And in case you are not able to see in the list then you have to click on the icon of the plus in the button and choose your printer from the list.
  • You have to select the right printer machine.
  • Now, click on the add button.
  • If your printer is showing up the errors then you have to troubleshoot it.
  • We wish and hope you have learn on how to connect brother printer to Mac without CD or how to connect brother printer to Mac CD or let’s say how to connect brother printer to Mac with USB.

You can contact Brother Printer Support by dialing +1(602)-734-5421 this Toll Free Number.

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